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Pet portrait commissions

I just love this part of being an artist – taking other’s ideas and pets photos and immortalizing with their true expressions in art.

If you are considering a commission, please read this page through and have a peek at some of my commissions I have taken before – most are available on my Gallery – so that you can get an idea of my style in art. Once you have had a nose about, you can let me know on the Contacts page or email me at

Commissioning Artwork

I have had plenty of experience and am happy to paint all animals, be it a pet, wild animal, or farm animal. You will find prices below – they are all flexible, so it is best to have a chat first to me about what you want before deciding to order. Postage is £11 in the Uk, which allows me to send your commission via Special Delivery so that it can be insured. Payment can be paid in instalments, and I accept a 20% deposit for all commissions.

I use high quality archival paper, pens and paint for all my work, so your artwork will last a lifetime. However, to ensure its longevity, it is important that you choose a non-acid mount for your artwork and keep it out of direct sunlight, as this will fade the colours.

Advice on photos

I work directly from photos, so it is very important that we organize good quality photos for me to work from so that I can create a really detailed portrait.

Any ordinary camera or even smart phone will be fine, so long as the photo is taken in natural light. You can send me as many as you like, and I will choose the one that will be best for the painting.

For dogs, an eye-level photo is the most pleasing to the eye, but again, natural light is needed to pick up the details in the fur. If you wish for a different pose, please contact me, I am very happy to discuss your wishes! Cats work in most poses, and please email me for guidance on taking photos of horses and other animals.

Size One animal

A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) for cats and smaller dogs – £35

A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) minimum size for standard dogs and horses – £65

A3 (10.7 x 15.5 inches) – £115

A2 (14 x 20.5 inches) – £255

Please note that additional animals can be added for an extra cost depending on the painting size. Please let me know if you want a group portrait, as discussion will be necessary.

Please note that as the artist I retain the copyright for all artworks I produce, including pet portrait commissions. This means that I may choose to create prints from your painting commission. If this is something you are not comfortable with please let me know prior to starting your commission.

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