Chi-Rho Fine Arts


Chi-Rho Fine Art is the mastermind of artist Caleb Hubbard. Continuing to perfect his artwork at Chi-Rho Fine Art Studios, based in Norfolk, UK, he often tries out new techniques and art styles.

He gets his main inspiration from nature, having grown up on a farm in the countryside. He often paints scenes from his travels around the UK, and particularly relishes water and seascapes. He is also influenced by other artists, in particular Bob Ross! He also loves ancient landscapes and buildings, and can often be found spending many happy hours sitting next to a ruined abbey or castle.

Some of Caleb’s Artwork

Caleb also enjoys the comical side of art, often tinkering about with humorous plaques, signs, and cartoons. His love of unique art forms led him into pyrography, and his art work can be seen on the ‘Pyrography’ page on this website.

Caleb often takes commissions for artwork, and is very happy to be contacted about his artwork, or if you would like to visit the studio. His art has been displayed at Crafts In Action events around Norfolk, and on display in local art galleries. He works closely with his brother, Joshua, the owner of the ‘Wacky Wood Turner’ franchise, often pyrographing the wood art Joshua creates.

If you would like to contact Caleb, then click HERE

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