A Bit About Me

A beautiful
body will perish,
but a work of
art does not.

– Leonardo da Vinci


I’m a Norfolk born artist, born and bred in this beautiful part of Britain. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but the real passion broke through when I had my work viewed by an art critic and was told ‘I had real talent for the Fine Arts.’ This was in 2016, when I was only thirteen years old, and ever since, I have loved nothing more than to see a blank piece of paper transform into pure magic.

Chi-Rho Fine Arts is the result of a strong dedication and love of art. Though I will often venture into various styles of art, my main techniques are unique to myself – a loose set of watercolour washes, expressive and colourful, with fine details added in pen. This allows the action of my paintings to be captured, with the pen holding the image together, working with the chaotic colours to bring together a free but detailed painting. It is great fun to see splodgy colours form into a portrait, and you can click HERE to watch some short films on my YouTube channel to watch this in action.

Most of my inspiration comes from nature, and as I am also a photographer, I will spend hours at a time waiting to capture the perfect reference photo of any of the birds, reptiles or mammals live in Norfolk. Many Falcons and other Birds of Prey live around here, and these majestic birds have become one of my favourite painting subjects – I love the power and grandeur they always seem to emanate. Many of the scenes from places I travel to have been painted both on site and back in my studio, and I have spent many happy hours painting at the ancient sites, such as Abbeys, Castles and Fortress, all over Britain.

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